MYC Studio is a luxury cosmetics brand created to meet the need of women to take care of themselves and especially their hair. After several studies, we have noticed that one in two women opts for a specific hair treatment when they visit their hairdresser, at least once a month.

However, 80% of the women questioned would like to be able to take care of their hair more regularly at home while benefiting from products that meet the cosmetic requirements of professionals.
Thus, and after long discussions on women’s autonomy and their power of beauty, a range of products developed clinically through MYC Studio was born.
MYC Studio allows each woman to use at home products that meet the cosmetic requirements of professional hairdressers: high-end treatments to be performed at home.

MYC Studio products are tested for effectiveness, developed and designed using the best existing components while ensuring the highest quality standards in the market.

The products are mainly made from natural components and are not tested on animals.